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Testimonials Given By Clients

Audio Testimonial - Joni, Wyoming

"Have used Gisela as an energy healer for 5 years. She releases pain in my physical and emotional body quickly and effortlessly. Her gentle spirit is a gift to be in the presence of.  I would recommend her to anybody that's looking for a drug free way to feeling renewed."
Renee Iannapollo, Tempe, AZ
My sessions with Gisela are amazing... She is very intuitive in knowing where to run the energy, what issues are coming up for me, and lovingly giving guidance...helping me move past my physical and emotional blockages.  I even received a message from my Mother!"

CoraLyn Rosa, Gilbert, AZ 
Spiritual Virtual Assistant

I have been blessed to have had many Quantum-Touch sessions with Gisela.  Each experience is more beautiful than the one before.  Gisela has amazing healing abilities."
Betty B, AZ

I used to go to a chiropractor about twice a month. I had lower back problems, which I was always needing adjusted. My neck would also get out of alignment so my head would feel extremely heavy. I also could not turn my neck right or left to any great degree without pain (such as looking over my shoulders to check traffic).

I started seeing Gisela about two years ago. She has made a tremendous difference in my life. Her energy work has released blocks that caused the pain. I no longer have problems with my neck. I have full range of motion and don’t remember the last time my head felt heavy. Occasionally I get discomfort in my lower back, but a session with Gisela straightens it out.

Not only is Gisela a Quantum Healer, but on occasion she has channeled information to me from my deceased mother. This has been very comforting to me as I lost my mother when I was 3 years old.

Sometimes Gisela and I just talk. She understands what I need even when I don’t. She has tremendous gifts which she willingly shares with others. And she studies different modalities to keep herself informed of new things.

My relationship with Gisela is more than just being her client. I consider her my friend and it is a friendship I cherish.

Glady Zeilstra, AZ

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