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Your Number Vibration
Know Yourself Through Your Numbers

Knowing the vibration of your numbers will reveal your soul plan, your soul’s purpose, your soul lessons, and obstacles. Pythagoras believed that the vibration or “tone” of the universe at the exact time of your birth has influence over both a person’s character and his or her destiny in life. We believe that each person’s numerological chart is a blueprint of who they really are. The numbers in an individual’s chart describe their essence, behavior, strengths and challenges, and how to improve the quality of life.

Gisela blends the insights gained from the vibration of your numbers with intuitive guidance in order to empower, expand your awareness, and help you embrace your full potential.

How do numbers help you know yourself?

The insights gained from understanding the vibration of your numbers can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses; gain insights to hidden talents; and connect you with your inner voice and true feelings.

The more you learn about yourself the more confident you will become, making it easier to deal with the occasional ups and downs in your life.  You’ll be able to face major decisions with a better knowledge of who you are and satisfy the longing in your heart.

In addition to understanding yourself better you will also gain insights into the lives and hearts of the people around you.  The peace you will begin to feel within yourself will let you become more open and understanding of others; allowing you to help them in their lives in ways you’ve never dreamed about.


Thank you so much for a fabulous and insightful numerology reading. I absolutely love the report you sent me, it is chock full of information that I can refer to in the future when I want to remember different aspects of my soul purpose, life path and personality, and how they impact both me and my business.
 ~ Lynn


My numerology reading with Gisela was eye opening to me. I was having struggles with my partner that came out in the reading and when I embraced the concepts of change that her numbers needed (the reading was on us as a couple) this amazing transformation occurred in us and we are so in tune now. Our relationship has a passion it never had because we weren’t communicating in a way the other could understand as love. Gisela helped us see where our disconnects were and after a little bit of time apart working on those we were able to come back together stronger than ever. Thank you so much Gisela!
 ~ Karan


Gisela made a Numerology report for me and put it in a book. She was so on the mark. I was amazed how much it described me. It made me understand why I behave in the way I do. I really enjoyed reading about myself and will use it to refer back to. I recommend you to have your numbers done also.
 ~ Renee

Gisela offers Personal Vibrational Number Charts with or without Numerology Readings in PDF File form, by Phone, Skype, and in Person by appointment.

Personal Vibrational Number Charts are $35.00 and with Reading $125.00.


Numerology Chart / Report
Receive Personalized Numerology Report

Numerology Reading
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Receive a numerology reading personal session & report explaining and giving guidance for your own personalized Numerology chart / report


"Your Number Vibration" will be available in June 2011.
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